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Thursday, October 4, 2012

  It has been a long, busy, beautiful Summer here at Stone Soup. The horses are fat, the garden was fantastic, the broiler chickens are coming along nicely(except for the five that the fox bit the heads off from), the days are getting shorter and cooler and the full weight of the Fall harvest is upon us.As our days run on into the night, sometimes till 11:00, we are thinking of winter.
  Winter is a little quieter around here when the long nights drive us inside by 4:30, but there is still plenty to do. Aside from the usual daily chores there will be the Winter chores to prepare us for the Seasons ahead. This Winter we will be cutting and splitting firewood for next Winter and selecting the trees that we will need to saw  into lumber for a new roof for a barn that we took down in Topsham last Fall and will re-construct next Summer here at S.S.I. The horses have been on light duty all Summer and I think that they will be happy for a daily routine of logging. We are currently accepting applications for four students for a Winter semester that will focus mainly on Horse Logging. Anyone interested in applying can take a look at the full Course Description on our web-site at