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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Work, Art and Music

I was working in the garden a few days ago- using the side of a rake to disrupt the weeds between the tomato plants. As I was working, down the row, I noticed that there was a particular rhythm which made sense for the work I was doing- the rhythm being made by the metal rake hitting the ground and pulling through the soil.

At the time, I just noticed it, and enjoyed what, to me, sounded like a song.  The birds, the wind, and rake  fit together in a rhythm which made a song.  As I thought about it later, it seemed to me that that experience held the kernel of all music- heartbeats, work rhythms, and other natural  sounds.  

The connection between work and art is very  distant, now. Work is something so distinct from art. But, I think that there is another way to approach this. The work that we do forms the basis for what we value, and what has meaning in our lives.  So, when I heard this rhythm- "Raking between tomatoes" I thought, this is a beat to a song- a real song, that I create when I do the work of keeping my garden, my body, and hopefully my community healthy. 

“Can we degrade all forms of essential work and yet expect arts and graces to flourish on the weekends?" 
Wendell Berry 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Enjoying The Longest Days of the Year

Spring has been busy! The garden is in- we had three weeks of rain in May so the garden got planted around the first week of June- but many things were started in pots before that, so things should go well.  Heres to the unique beauty of this time of year!